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The O-PUR approach
The basic idea of the O-PUR approach is built on the simple fact, that each printed matrix code has its individual non-replicable characteristics (Wirnitzer 2003, 2004/A, 2005/A/B; Walther 2007/A). If the code is applied on the secondary package, its contents are used to identify the product. Its unique fingerprint, resulting from the physical interaction between medium and substrate during the printing process, can be used to identify whether the product is original or not.The main target of the project was to use these unique fingerprints as an individual characteristic to distinguish genuine from counterfeit products. Ziel war es, diese individuelle Druck- und Substratstruktur als ein individuelles Kennzeichen für die Originalität eines jeden Produktes zu benutzen, insbesondere in der Massenfertigung (Walter 2008; Bonev 2008, 2009;Maleshliyski 2009, Wirnitzer 2009).

Basic technology for product identification and authentication
Basic technology for product identification and authentication
This proposed concept can also be applied to detect counterfeit printing plates as being used in offset printing (Wirnitzer 2008; Maleshliyski 2010/A; Bonev2010/A).
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